For schools

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Provide applicants with relevant information while saving your time. Use technology to connect applicants with the guides.

Help applicants

Let your students to show your campus, to share their experience and advise. Save your time and let the students to introduce your school.


Experience for students

Your students will get an experience with customers. The better services they provide, the more useful information they share, the better rating they get. The better rating they have, the higher fee they can charge.

Be innovative

Be an innovative school. Be just a tap away from your applicants. The OKTIUM experience will save costs to applicants while enabling them to get a live experience from your school.



Why to spend hours of your time to answer questions when it’s much easier and efficient to let your students to show them instead.

Customized tours

You can enhance your profile on our platform and use also VisitSchools for yourselves. Share with applicants the possibility of sour new technology and attract new students.



Is a virtual space that allows prospective students to navigate campuses through an interactive virtual tour provided by students for students.
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