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Agencies help in providing applicants with relevant information for schools as well as setting up profiles for the schools and also connecting the applicant to different guides. This helps to save the applicant time and money on travel expenses.

Help applicants

Have the school guides who are also students show your campus to applicants and share their first hand experience with them.


Experience for students

Your student-guides gain experience in customer service: the better tours they give, the better the rating they get. The higher the rating the higher the fee they can charge.

Be Efficient

By being efficient in providing the required information the applicant will appreciate the savings and the experience they get through the interaction between them and the school guide.



The agency will delegate some of the responsibilities to the guides enabling each person to play a part in the whole process, saving time hence win-win situation for all.



We are a virtual space that allows prospective students to be guided through campus by their future peers.
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