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Compensation payout

Short note on your conversation with a student You need to create an order during a call with a student and charge him for an agreed amount. The system is NOT set for an automatic payment. Please, do not forget to charge a payment. You need to create an item in a shopping bag and ask the student to fill in their payment details while they are on the OKTIUM call (please, refer to the OKTIUM manual).

You can charge the student repeatedly but always only with their consent. Please, be aware of the time. There might be another student after the call.

Charge always the price which is displayed at If you don’t comply with the agreed price you obtain a negative reference and if repeatedly we retail a right to cancel your collaboration with VisitSchools Inc.

Process of compensation pay out Don’t forget to charge students for your services. If you don’t charge them you work for free.

In order to receive a payment for your services you need to register with Stripe. All payments from students are processed via Stripe account of VisitSchools. VisitSchools then processes your compensation weekly every Wednesday at 6am EST to your personal Stripe account. The level of your compensation depends on a price for your services, volume of your services and percentage stated in the manual.

Don’t forget to charge students for your services. If you don’t charge them you work for free.


John Doe provided 10 VisitSchools tours, 1 hour each. John charges $100 per hour and his compensation stated in the manual is 30 %. Therefore, he obtains:

$100 x 1 x 10 x 30 %= $300

The compensation in this case is $300.

The services were provided on 2nd and on 3rd of February 2020 (Sunday and Monday) so his compensation is sent on Wednesday on 5th of February 2020 (the first Wednesday after the services were provided and charged).

Every member of our community is responsible for his own fees and taxes such as an income tax themselves. VisitSchools Inc., iShopping Inc. are not responsible for any fees or taxes of individual members of VisitSchools community.


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