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Help applicants and get extra curriculum activity into your resume. Obtain insight into a business and experience with customer service.

Help other students

Provide walk around of your campus, share your experience and advise. Help applicants to make the right choice and get to know your school.


Get experience

You will get an experience with customers. The better services you provide, the more useful information you share, the better rating you get. The better rating you have, the higher fee you can charge.


Get paid for the help to other students. The experience you share will save costs to applicants so they can pay for your services. Learn how market works.



Allocate some time for VisitSchools and enjoy communication with students from all around the nation and in some cases globe

Customized tours

You can focus on particular area of the campus or tours for particular applicants. Are you into sports or labs?



Is a virtual space that allows prospective students to navigate campuses through an interactive virtual tour provided by students for students.
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