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Get the life experience from the schools nationwide while saving your costs. Use technology to connect with local students.

Help insights

Connect with students and let them to show you a campus, to share their experience and advise. Save your time and visit schools from the comfort of your home.


See it as it is

The students will provide you with their experience with the school. Ask them about student life, about the school, campus and what particular school has to offer you.

Save time

You don’t need to travel to tons of schools. They are just a tap away from you. Why not to visit several schools with OKTIUM and then travel to the best one?


Save money

Why to spend thousands of dollars by traveling to visit schools thousands of miles away? Safe thousands for traveling and accommodation and pay a fraction of that for the life experience provided by the students.

Customized tours

You might not be interested in all details. Are you into sport or labs? Customize your VisitSchools tour by providing your preferences.



Is a virtual space that allows prospective students to navigate campuses through an interactive virtual tour provided by students for students.
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